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Nov 18, 2020

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Use of Social media for small business

By Kirti Srivastava, Profile Inc Group

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“Right now, with social networks and other tools on the Internet, all of these 500 million people have a way to say what they’re thinking and have their voice be heard.” — — Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder and CEO of Facebook

In the era of such high-speed internet facilities, we have this opportunity of using the internet as a platform to spread all the information and awareness that would cater to an opportunity for approximately half of the world’s population. Endorsing anything on social media becomes a trend if there is quality. Hence it’s important for small business to put up their face value on social media as it would help them gain brand value. The use of social media is extensive therefore it serves as an opportunity for the small business to enhance their value of the business and create awareness. As we see that awareness leads to opportunities.

Small business is sometimes in dire need of publicity in order to be noticed and accepted, social media is the best remedy as it has the potential of reaching out to people with just one tap also just by sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing. Small businesses can take this as a life-changing aspect because in today’s time we see half of the world’s population is just so much under the influence of the internet and social media. Therefore if the brand is capable enough it can definitely stay at the top of the mind. It would help them fetch some really good results.

Social media helps small businesses to get in touch with the target audience within a very less time frame. All they need to know where can they find the potential customers and can put up their credibility with all their potential work. Gone are the days when people had to set up their offices and needed to promote their business which was one hell of a tedious task, but social media has made this feasible just by adding up on the targeted ways. It also gives you the option of personalized advertisements that could be created on certain social media platforms.

Small businesses can have a positive impact through social media as it would keep them on the radar of their targeted audience which would eventually help them to establish links. A bunch of companies or agencies that might be working into a similar genre can actually create contact and eventually lead to link buildings. It's highly important for any sort of business to create contacts in order to flourish, it may keep them over an edge over others and they might actually collaborate with the potential firms that follow similar interests.

Social media helps the small business to be the go-to website when a potential customer finds something of the same interest. The more a relevant topic is, the more it is found at the zenith on the search portals. That’s exactly where one has an opportunity to stay relevant and out of the box as this might always keep you over the top. The psyche of a potential customer is always about the best business that he can find for himself/herself. Hence often it is found that the top websites on the search portals are able to steal the customer’s attention. It is usually the best opportunity to remain in the competition.

Social media empowers marketing. The marketing of the brand is done on a large scale, as we see it holds the power of reaching to people irrespective of the distance, place, and time. It actually caters to the growth. It keeps the company on reach. The promotional events can be held online as we are well acquainted with the option of live videos on social media these days. It keeps the targeted audience apprised of the activities.

Small businesses do need some good highlights in order to keep them in the market for the long run. Here comes the role of social media as it acts as a catalyst to boost up their sales. Brand value has a lot to do when we keep in mind the aspect of sales. People invest only in those things where they find their trust, credibility, and of course the ratings and reviews. Hence it’s important for the small business to keep in mind that their performance should be at par because it provides them with real-time feedbacks.

The approach of social media is quite budget-friendly. It’s an advantage to the small business that has just entered into the competition. While a business takes time to set up, the promotion can still be done easily without putting in a lot of time and energy. This platform is the best approach one can ever have as it widens the perspective for both the company and customers/ targeted audience. It’s efficient, streamlined, methodical, and well structured.

A well-known author named Dave Wills once said ‘don’t use social media to impress people: use it to impact people, this statement itself says so much about digital marketing. Digital Marketing has widened the perspective of people depicting the needs of the fast-changing world. A year ago nobody imagined the state of the pandemic and here we are witnessing it and trying to survive it through. Social media has taken up the role of putting up the business and promoting them in a quite useful way as it’s absolutely unsafe to travel these days due to covid-1. It can also be seen considered as a blessing in disguise since it provides to actually sit and work from home itself.

Who knew that work from home can also fetch so much productivity in terms of everything may it be the business productivity or the customer’s ability. Not just an opportunity, but it’s now the need of every business to use the tool of social media marketing in order to sustain their business and the livelihood of several other people around the globe.